The Cat's Meeeooow  -     Pleasing "kitty" is Our Passion!

Welcome To The Cat's Meeeoooow
FORGET the Tupperware and Makeup! Why not JAZZ things up a bit with a Cat's Meeeooow Adult Pleasure Party?! 

Looking to have a unique "Adults-Only Night IN"?!  Entertaining, tasteful & exciting, with friends for some not-so-old fashioned FUN?!
It’s like Tupperware®, except SEXIER, with a Buzzzz!  :)

Why Not Host an Adult Passion Party with The Cat's Meeeooow!

Who Are We?; passion/pleasure party
The Cat's Meeeooow was created to provide you with an amazing and bonding experience with your closest friends. We are committed to helping enhance the lives of people in areas of sex-ploration, in an informative, yet party-like atmosphere. We strive to INSPIRE you by providing up to date knowledge about new and popular adult products. We have the highest quality products to ensure your comfort, well being and satisfaction.
Let's Play - Pleasure Party style?

The Cat's; pleasure & romance; sex toy partyLet's Party with Passion!  Our Toy Parties are LOADS of sexy fun! Have some friends over for an intimate and enlightening evening of sex-u-cation, games & plenty of toy shopping.

Tasteful, exciting and at times eye-brow raising.  Our  products are introduced and carefully explained - professional but with a twist of erotica - then passed around, so you and your guests can see, feel and smell first hand.
The Cat's; shop sex toys
The Cat's Meeeooow Online Shopping offers a robust collections of Sex and Romance Enhancing products: Exquisite Lingerie; Sensuous Lotions; Erotic Massage Oils; and many other Pheromone-Inducing Products.  We also offer exotic adult novelties and games and much, much more! Over 7,500+ items available, for your shopping pleasure.  Visit and peruse our site, as often as you'd like to take advantage of new products in any and all categories - which are sure to Inspire YOU, & Attract Others!